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4 Simple Ways to Get God’s Favor (Part 3 of 4)

We all like favor. “Uh, could you do me a favor?” “Could you do me a little favor?” “I hate to bother you, but could you… ?” God’s favor has another name. It’s called Grace. It’s not based on our … Continue reading

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Put a Lid on It!

Have you ever had someone to call you on the phone, or pull you to the side, then use you as their personal dumping ground? I have. They dumped all of their negative opinions, complaints, and gossip right into my … Continue reading

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What Does Obedience Have to Do with Love? (Sabotage Part 5)

Do you remember the R&B song, “What’s Love Gotta Do With it?” Well, my song about love is “What’s Obedience Got to Do with It?”  The Answer: EVERYTHING!! Everyday, I am painfully aware of times when I am not obedient … Continue reading

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