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Let Your Disappointment Go and Keep Working God’s Plan!

       What do you do when you are disappointed? Have you ever made plans based on the words of someone whom you believed to be trustworthy, only to have that person make excuses for not keeping his or her word? … Continue reading

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Shaky and Flaky (Sabotage Part 4)

Am I unable to make a decision and stick with it? Should my nickname be Shaky ‘cause I’m flaky? Do I waver back and forth on what I should do like a pendulum on a clock? Do you? Do you … Continue reading

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Committed to the End (Sabotage Part 3)

I’m in! You can count on me! I’ll be there! Sounds like fun! Let’s do it! I mean well. Really, I do. I make plans, thinking that it won’t take much time to complete them. Unfortunately, it usually takes more … Continue reading

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