Got Faith? (The Importance of Faith) (Guest Blogger – Pastor James Flint Jr.)

Hebrews 11:1, Romans 10:14-17, Philippians 1:27

Our Faith has been dulled by a society and culture that promotes

selfishness, self-security, and self-sufficiency.

To many, God is seen as an abstract being.

Even we as Christians have demonstrated day by day that our dependence on God

is predicated on our own understanding of what the solutions might be.

Faith reaches beyond solutions.

Faith reaches beyond human resolve, determination, and understanding.

Faith is the ability to see the unseen, hear the unheard, & believe the unbelievable.

How do you have Faith in a God that you cannot see?

Well, sight is surface, and Faith far deeper than just the surface.

Faith goes beyond what is temporal, temporary, and taps into the eternal.

Many Christians have lost their dependence on God.

As Christians, Faith is not only the substance of things hoped for,

but its the substance of who we are.

Our whole existence is hinged upon our Faith.

Today, fear has evolved as the dominant force in our society.

A lot of what we see happening in our world today is perpetuated by fear.

We as Christians are to be a people of Faith and not fear.

God understood how fear would manifest itself against the kingdom,

and this is why we see a vast number of “fear-nots” in the Bible.

Our genuine Faith is tied to the eternal.

It is tied into what we cannot see.

The strength or level of our faith is birthed and developed

as we begin to know, trust, and obey God,

and build a foundation of experiences with Him.

As we maintain our Faith in the midst of trials and tribulations, and overcome, our strength grows because we are made witness to what God can do.

We need Faith.

Without faith, it is impossible to please God.

Faith is our Spiritual Oxygen.

Without it, we are clamoring and weak,

but with it, we are able to maximize our existence.

The world needs demonstrations of Faith

in order to communicate the Glory of God to a confused world.

As we stay in the Word and in constant communication with the Father,

not only do we maintain our Faith, but it is strengthened.

The world has challenged the Kingdom and continues to do so.

I believe that all along the journey,

the world is challenging you and me and asking us,

“Got Faith?”


Enjoy your journey by obeying God and walking in faith!

Until we meet again,

Pastor James R. Flint Jr.

(excerpt taken from


Question for today – What have you done this week to increase your faith?


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