Love Overflow – Part 7 Conclusion

                                        We can reach out to one person at a time.

Sow the seeds of the Spirit. God doesn’t want to fill your life with a little love, a little peace, a little joy, or tiny bit of self-control. Rather, Jesus Christ came that you might have abundant life to the overflowing. He wants your life to be filled with so much joy that it overflows into the lives of your family members. He wants you to rest in Him and rely on Him so that His peace will mount guard over your heart. Once your spirit is quiet, you can then speak His words of life to your family, to your Christian brothers and sisters, and on your job. Your peace can spill over into stressful situations, calming hearts, and restoring hope.

Sow seeds of unconditional love. Jesus offers to you and me unconditional love. He never said to us, “I will die for you if you stop lying… You may have salvation after you stop sinning….. I will love you on your good days, but I don’t want you on your bad days.” He chooses to love us regardless, and we must choose to love others the same way. We can’t afford to be passive. People are dying every day. People are getting up hurting and going to bed at the end of the day still hurting, wondering why they should even go on living. Your smile, your kind word, your small deeds of love, and a message to someone that God loves them could make the difference in whether that person continues to live or they die.

Jesus said, “I didn’t come to condemn the world, but that the world through me might be saved.” Overflow into your church. Overflow into the community. Drops of mercy and love are needed on a daily basis.

Sow seeds of compassion into our communities. God really wants me to daily allow His love to overflow into someone’s life by taking personal responsibility for my community. He wants me to take my eyes off of myself and my comfort zone, get out of my boat of complacency, and move out into the deep. I believe that He wants congregations to come together to do city-wide projects that will demonstrate God’s love, for we are not many churches, but THE CHURCH.

People are crying out to be loved, to be respected, to be cared about. They want to be listened to, to be treated as though they matter. What can we do?

We often think that we have to do something big for our love to count. But it’s the small things we do, day in and day out to show God’s love, that make the biggest impact. We can take a love walk. Walk through the city. While we are walking, we can pray, observe, listen for God’s leading, and look for ways to meet needs.

Satan, the Father of Lies, wants to keep us so focused on ourselves and our concerns, that we hurry through life. We can fill our lives with meaningless activities that drain our hope and our energy, so that we are just too tired to notice that someone needs the love that God has placed in us.

What can we do?

S –  L – O – W     D – O – W- N !

Pump the brakes, I say pump the brakes. We can slow down our busy lives so we don’t miss the opportunities to love.

Have you ever been going somewhere, but your mind was in ‘witnessing, loving, God-use-me’ mode? You’re passionately, yes fervently, scanning the landscape for potential benefactors, but seeing none, you give up and continue on your way. Then when you least expect it, you spy in front of you, 45 degrees to your right, over near the gray light post, someone who may be in need of your help, your encouragement. Yes! Alas, you’ve returned to your normal rate of speed. NO!! You’re moving much too fast. You’d have to pop a wheelie, spin around in a 180 degree turn, and stop with tire treads smoking to meet that need. You sigh, “Oh well. I don’t want to be late to my appointment. Maybe another opportunity will come along.” Let’s hope so.

Alright, that might not ever be your scenario, but here’s a little suggestion.

Slow down!

Breathe deeply.

Listen carefully…

to the Holy Spirit’s   still      small      voice.

Our Heavenly Father is working in the earth. He wants us to join Him in His work of loving others. We can choose to love God with all of our hearts, all of our minds, and all that we have. We can slow down our pace in life, listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading, and join Him in His work.

In closing, when we look at our world with all of its problems, it can be overwhelming. You and I know that the enemy is roaming around, trying to snatch the seeds of love that we spread. He tries to fill our minds with worry, doubt, and fear so that we either give up before we begin, or we shrink God’s magnificent plans into smaller ones which are easy to achieve without our having to exercise faith. What’s ironic is that we have the nerve to get excited about what we’ve accomplished based on our limited human intellect and meager resources, never realizing that God wanted to use us to do more, much more.

Let’s let His love overflow!

‘Til we meet again,


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