Rest in Him! (Balance – Part 2)

I had just exited the expressway one day, exhausted as usual, when I thought for the upteenth time, “There has to be more to life than this. I know God wants me to live my life without all of this stress.” But for the life of me, I could not figure out how to get to where I believed He wanted me to be. I certainly did not know how to rest in Him.

That’s why I thank God for His Holy Spirit, who is our teacher! It has been the Holy Spirit who has revealed to me a better way of living life, as I studied His Word and listened to the wisdom of other believers. Here are some tidbits He is in the midst of teaching me:

I can’t be a driven, frantic, type A person, and remain balanced.  Everything does not have the same importance, so prioritize. Everything and everyone does not have to be perfect, in order to be useable, serviceable, or acceptable.

It’s OKAY to rest. Jesus rested. He is my divine example.

Go on ‘vacation’ everyday. In other words, MAKE time to spend in His presence. Take the time to appreciate what He has given to me.

Grab it, catch it, set it aside, or run it down and overtake it, but FIND TIME, moments during the day, to spend in His presence. My vacation can be ‘just be still and quiet’ time. It can be loud, ‘pump the praise music up’ time, or ‘close your eyes and breathe deeply’ time. Yes every day, I need restful, restorative, sabbath time with God. The busier I am, the more of this special time I need with Him.

The next thing the Holy Spirit is teaching me is to trust Him and be obedient. Stop trying to lean on my own understanding, but actually acknowledge Him. He does want to direct my path. How does He direct my path? Sometimes through prayer; sometimes through the written Word or Bible, sometimes the Holy Spirit speaks to me inwardly in impressions.

I believe that He’s also teaching me not to be pulled by other people’s emotions into doing more than I should. I’m learning how to say, “no” without feeling guilty. Pastor Rick Warren says that we only have enough time in each day to do what God has called us to do. We don’t have time for extra. We get stressed out when we try to do extra. I get stressed out when I try to meet everyone’s expectations; whether they are real or just expectations I think that others have of me. I believe that God is patiently teaching me to focus on Him and not others. He says that He will keep me in perfect peace, if I keep my mind on Christ. I am finding that it’s much easier to try to please God than to please God AND everyone else I know!

What am I learning about balance? Come back soon and I’ll share what God is teaching me. Until then, I pray that you will allow the Holy Spirit to order your steps. It’s the only way to make it through the journey with peace and balance!


Below are scriptures that may assist you in your journey:

Psalm 23            1 Peter 3:3-5        Psalm 34:14   John 16:33





Today’s question – Which of the ‘tidbits’ of wisdom listed above is God telling you that you need to apply to your life?

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