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Love Overflow Part 5 (Take Love the Challenge!)

Let God’s love overflow into my workplace. Steve Sjogren and Dave Ping say in their book, Outflow, that my job is more than a way to pay my bills; it provides the resources for overflow and the opportunity for overflow … Continue reading

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Love Overflow Part I (Loving God)

What does coffee and love have in common? When I was very small, I visited my grandparents often. When my Pawpaw (My Dad’s father) would come home from work in  the evenings, my Bigmama would have his coffee ready. He … Continue reading

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Love – 101 Get to Know God

-101: Get to Know God Why should anyone take the time to get to know the Creator of the Universe? Okay, I couldn’t resist saying it one more time! God is Love. It’s just that simple. True love is faithful. … Continue reading

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