What a Fellowship (Building a Relationship with God) by Guest Blogger Pastor James R. Flint Jr.

God, who has called you into fellowship

with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful.

1 Corinthians 1:9 [NIV]

I love little children! They know how to crawl into your lap, look up at you with clear, trusting eyes, and cling to your every word. They know how to make you feel as though you are one of the most important people in their world. And when they have to go home, they beg and plead to stay a little longer, so they can hang out with you. Why? They love the fellowship.     

I hope you enjoy the following blog by guest blogger, Pastor James R. Flint Sr. of Calvary Baptist Church, Chicago IL


As we fellowship with one another, we are to fellowship with Christ. One key component of Fellowship is conversation, and not just any conversation, but genuine and intimate conversation. God already knows all about us, but its our goal to learn of Him, and as we share with Him all of the intimate desires and thoughts of our hearts, we reveal the confidence and the faith that we have in the Father. Not only does Fellowship constitute conversation, but I believe it also must consist of dwelling.

This is to say that genuine Fellowship dictates that we be willing to settle down andmake our home in, center our focus on, the presence of God in our lives. We must get comfortable with having God be the head of our lives by opening up our hearts and allowing Jesus Christ to come and live in us.

Fellowship dictates that we be willing to rest in the Father. We can’t get in a hurry in the development of our relationship with God. We have to rest in Him.

We can do this by choosing to place our confidence in Him

and keep our minds stayed on Him.

We can choose to fill our hearts with peace by leaning, relying, and depending on Him to watch over His Word to perform it.

When we can learn to do this,

it transforms the way we handle the chaos

that we are faced with day to day.

For when we learn to rest in Him and Fellowship with the Father, the more we learn of Him; and the more we understand the truth that He is in control of all things. This reality is the reality that we need in times like these. This privilege for us to be able to Fellowship with the Father is established through His Son, Jesus Christ.

“Oh, What a Fellowship.”

 May each day draw you a step closer to the Father. For He has promised that if you take a step towards Him, He will take a step towards you and reveal Himself to you. Below are scriptures you may find helpful in your journey.


Fellowshipping with God

Deuteronomy 6:4-5    Matthew 22:37    Job 22:21    John 17:3

 Jeremiah 29:11-13    1 Corinthians 1:9     2 Corinthians 13:14    1 John 1:3-7 Psalm 16:11     Psalm 21:6     Psalm 31:20     Psalm 89:15

Fellowshipping with Believers

Mark 12:30-31; Matthew 5:43-48; John 15:9-17; 1 Thessalonians 5:13b-15 Romans 12:5, 9-21; Acts 2:46; Hebrews 10:25


It is my prayer that every day of your journey will be filled with Divine Fellowship!

Until we meet again,

Pastor James R. Flint Jr.


Question for today – What results usually take place when you spend time fellowshipping with God?

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