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True Love (God is Love Part 2)

    It’s true, it’s true! I still shake my head in amazement that Love really is the greatest power in existence. I don’t even want to imagine a world that had no love in it. Fortunately, I don’t have to … Continue reading

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No Dividing Line (God is Love – Part 1)

Have you ever had a ‘light bulb moment’ when something you had read many times finally clicked? I had one of those moments last year. For me, it was definitely an ‘ah hah!’ moment when the Holy Spirit revealed to … Continue reading

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Love – 101 Get to Know God

-101: Get to Know God Why should anyone take the time to get to know the Creator of the Universe? Okay, I couldn’t resist saying it one more time! God is Love. It’s just that simple. True love is faithful. … Continue reading

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The Wall (The Power of Forgiveness – Part 2)

The last time I wrote, I was sharing with you a lesson God was teaching me about forgiveness. (See The Power of Forgiveness – Part 1) The lesson wasn’t over. I was still battling with my emotions. This week, I’d … Continue reading

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