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A God-Designed Original (You’re Priceless to God Part 2)

One of my favorite Sunday afternoon past times, when I was small, was going to the local zoo. I lived in a small town with an even smaller zoo. We basically had one lion, some wild dogs called dingos, a … Continue reading

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There’s a Treasure in Your House! (You are Priceless to God – Part 1)

    It’s unbelievable! There are people who have priceless gems right under their noses and they don’t even know it!  Perhaps there is a gem in your house that you haven’t discovered yet. If so, this is your blessed … Continue reading

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A Three-Stranded Cord (God in Marriage – Part 2)

  Braiding was one of my favorite past times when I was young. It didn’t matter if I was braiding hair, twine, or plastic.  I didn’t know that God was into braiding too until I read this passage from Ecclesiastes. … Continue reading

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Visions of Better? (God in Marriage – Part 1)

A man and woman stand at the altar, surrounded by a great crowd of witnesses or maybe just a chosen few. Nevertheless, they’re ready to begin their new life as one. Turning, they look into each other’s eyes and say … Continue reading

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Love Overflow – Part 7 Conclusion

                                        We can reach out to one person at a time. Sow the seeds of the Spirit. God doesn’t want to fill your life with a little love, a little peace, a little joy, or tiny bit of self-control. Rather, … Continue reading

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