Don’t Give Up! (Determination)

When I was a child, I remember one of the favorite past times of my Texan classmates was to grab an unfortunate victim by the thumb and twist it until the person would fall to their knees and cry “UNCLE!!”  Fun, huh?

Life can twist you into knots. Supportive friends and family will immediately tell you to hang in there and not to give up. Don’t give up? It’s easier said than done, isn’t it? I mean, every day, there is a new challenge, another struggle, another chance to either renew your resolve to make it, or to throw up both hands and cry, “Uncle! I give!” Still, don’t give up! God has not forgotten you! The very thing that the enemy means for your destruction, God will take and use for your good, if you don’t give up.

But what if the situation appears to be hopeless? What if it feels as though you are barely treading water and you’re not a good swimmer? You are not going to drown. Your Heavenly Father will keep you afloat.

Broaden your focus. Stop looking at your situation through lenses of pain, disappointment, lack, or adversity. Step back and see it through the filter of grace that God is providing. Grace is God’s ability to help us to do what we could not ordinarily do on our own. It is a part of His favor. He provides it day by day, one day at a time, one step at a time. You have made it so far, and you will continue to move forward if you don’t give up. God will provide the grace that you need for this day. (Remember Jesus prayed, “Give us this day our daily bread?)

What if the diagnosis is devastating? God has the last word. You can deal with the pain one more moment, the excruciating affliction a little longer. God’s promises are true. He does honor His Word, watching over it to perform it. He has promised to heal, in due season, in His way. Until then, He is our strength in our weakness. Rest in His strength.

Remember the promise of peace.I know that Jesus promised to keep us in perfect peace if we will keep our minds stayed on Him. I have trouble with that some days, when life’s situations appear to be overwhelming. Oh, but when I remind myself that He is right here with me… in the room with me… it’s not so difficult. When I remember that with His stripes I am healed, and I take my mind off my pain, it lessens. When I concentrate on being a blessing to someone else, sometimes, I even forget that the pain is there.

Yes, I am determined not to give up. Regardless.

Rather than tell you all that I’m going through at the moment, I’d rather tell you the most important truth; I’m not going through it alone. Neither are you! We have an advocate. Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father in Heaven, interceding on our behalf. That’s right, He’s representing us. He knows what we are going through. He feels what we are feeling, and He asks for grace, mercy (another chance), and favor for us. God dispatches angels, ministering spirits, to help us to make it. He touches the hearts of others, sometimes even strangers, to come to our rescue. That’s favor! His Word goes out with power to achieve that for which we send it, as we mix it with consistent, unwavering faith.

We must not give up! We must continue to strive to do our best; especially in the extreme moments of our lives. We must choose to honor and worship God with our lives, by the way that we choose to think, choose to speak, and choose to behave. In times of distress and chaos, we must choose to be the peacemakers, the ones who will walk in wisdom and love. God is counting on us. The Word says that there is a great crowd of witnesses who are cheering us on.

Don’t give up!

I love you. I care about you. I am praying for you and I am asking God to meet your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. It is my prayer today, that the Holy Spirit will stir up excitement in your spirit as He restores and builds your hope and the desire to move forward in Him.

Be like the first grader who loved to sing the songs he had learned in church. One day, he sat softly singing as he worked in class. After being told to be quiet by his classmates and the teacher, there was once again silence in the room. The teacher looked over at him.  He looked up at her, smiled a beautiful smile, and continued to do his work; his little head gently swaying rhythmically from side to side. She could not help but smile in disbelief. Though he had to be quiet on the outside, he was still singing on the inside! Though life may be tough, I’m still smiling and I’m still worshiping; believing and trusting in God’s character and His Word. I will not give up!

Here are some scriptures that I pray will bless you on your journey!

Psalm 57:2                      Psalm 138:7-8                    Ephesians 2:8-10  

Colossians 1:9-12            Jeremiah 29:11-13             Philippians 3:12-15

Psalm 30:1-3;41:1-3       Galatians 6:9-10               Psalm 103:1-5       

Psalm 107:19-21             Psalm 147:3-5                    Jeremiah 17:14  

 Jeremiah 30:17              Malachi 4:2                        Matthew 4:23-24; 8:5-13

Until next time, enjoy the journey!




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