What’s In Your Pocket? (Love Overflow – Part 6)

Casper Reynolds loved wildflowers. So much so, that he was known for carrying around seeds in his pocket. While walking along his large property, he would often toss out a handful or two here, scatter a handful or two there. It didn’t matter that sometimes the birds ate them up, or they landed in overgrown, weedy areas. He didn’t even mind that the birds swooped down to peck them up, or that some seeds landed in shallow soil. He kept on broadcasting his seeds.

Finally, one day one of his neighbors drove by and asked him, “What in the world are you doing? For months now, I’ve seen you scattering seeds somewhere on your property. Where are you getting all those seeds from? Casper smiled and said ” You wanna see? I’ll show you.” Hopping  out of his truck, he followed Casper into a barn, where he discovered gigantic bags of seeds that reached to the ceiling. “There’s plenty more where that came from,” Casper informed him, “so I don’t have to be stingy with my seeds. I’m planning to sow wildflowers over this entire property.” And that’s precisely what he did. In fact, he had enough to share with his neighbors and anyone else who came alone. Some of his seeds even ended up in other lands. Wildflowers were springing up in the most unlikeliest places, because of one man’s passionate love for beauty.

Okay, so I made up the story, but you follow where I’m going, right? God is teaching me that I can sow the fruit of the spirit – love, joy, peace, faithfulness, self-control, meekness, gentleness, and patience – into the lives of others. I don’t have to be stingy with my love. There’s an unending supply available. I can’t worry about when I sow it, where I sow it, or the results of my scattering. That’s not in my job description. I am to keep sowing.

We must spread our seeds of love across the sea. In the book, When Children Pray by Cheri Fuller 1, there is an account of an eight-year-old girl, named Hope, who was researching a report on Mongolia for her class when she discovered that there were very few Bibles or Christians there. After two years of praying for the people of Mongolia, she read in the same magazine another article, entitled “Hope for Mongolia.” There had been a revival in that area with 500 people accepting Christ as their Savior. The number of believers doubled to 1,000 within a year, and they started a church called “Hope Assembly”, with more than 2,000 attending their first Christmas service.

That story impacted my life.

It reminded me that we can do much more than we realize. We can make a difference by supporting those who will take God’s love to other areas of our world by sharing with our finances, our presence through love outreach/mission projects, and most of all, our prayers. God reminds me to remember that the work of Christ was to redeem mankind, restoring us into fellowship and relationship with His Father.

Jesus accomplished this by demonstrating love everywhere He went. He spread seeds of love when He made children feel wanted, when He made lepers feel approachable, when He went home with tax collectors, and when he died for all of humanity. What does He want us to do? Keep showering the world, one person at a time with His seeds of love. You may plant, I may water, but He will certainly give the increase. Remember, we will reap if we faint not.

I really believe that one person can change the world. How? Reach out to love one person at a time. Then it’s really easy. You and I can love one person at a time. We can smile at someone sitting at a bus stop. You and I can genuinely listen to someone’s problems and pray for them. We can tell someone that Jesus loves them. We can pay a little of the person’s dry-cleaning bill that standing in front of us. We can rake one yard, or pay the person’s toll in the car behind us. We can say, “Lord, show me how to love three people today.” (Imagine if everyone decided to put God’s love into action and actively loved three people each day, how many men, women, boys, and girls would have experienced God’s touch in just one week!) And if we could get each member of our congregation to do this for one month, can you see how that genuine show of love might influence someone to give God a second glance, or even decide to come into His sanctuary?

2 Corinthians 9:10-11 says, “For God is the one who provides seed for the farmer and then bread to eat. In the same way, he will provide and increase your resources and then produce a great harvest of generosity in you. Yes, you will be enriched in every way so that you can always be generous. And when we take your gifts to those who need them, they will thank God.”

My friend, it’s through caring and serving that we experience the joy of Christ and grow closer to God. It is through loving others that we point them to Christ and God gets the glory. For friendliness and loving actions go a very long way towards helping others to see God.

Remember that without faith it is impossible to please God and we show our faith by our actions. I’m filling my pockets with seeds right now. How about you? The final post for this series will be the next time we get together. Until then, let’s get out there and sow some seeds along the journey!


With love,


  © 2009 God’s Perspective
1 When Children Pray by Cheri Fuller, pg 32 (Multnomah Publishers, Inc.) from an interview with Pete Holman and his account in The Great Commissionary Kids Intensive Care Unit  (Mechanicsville, VA:Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade, 1997) 9-10.

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