‘Ow-ie’ Testimonials (Learning from Life’s Adversities – Final Part)

I’ve observed that some people wear their scars like badges of honor. Others do their best to cover theirs up. Still, there are some physical scars that can’t be hidden, which force us to deal with them, and move on in the journey. On the other hand, I’ve seen emotional scars and insecurity wrap around individuals like a cocoon. Unable to break free, they allow their hurt and self-doubt to negatively affect how they interact with almost everyone they encounter.

The funny thing about a heart injury is that often it’s difficult to see how your private pain affects how you treat others.  What happens if I don’t address my injuries? If I don’t acknowledge the traumas I’ve experienced, at least to myself and to God, then how can I admit that I need healing? Perhaps my emotional or spiritual wounds will remain open and raw. Without attention from the Master Healer, the Holy Spirit, my injuries might even fester and become infected with bitterness. Then I’ll walk around spurting poison on everyone I meet. Everywhere I go will become ‘Egg-Shell Central’ as everyone walks around on tiptoe, trying to keep ‘the volcano’ in me from erupting.

What have I learned?

There is no shame in my being imperfect.

There is no shame in having suffered through a few of life’s challenges.

Life is a test.

If I hold fast, cling to, yes trust in Jesus Christ, I’ll make it across the turbulent sea.

 If I learn something from the tribulations I’ve gone through,

or even the mistakes I’ve made,

and I am a better person as a result,

then all is not lost.

If my trials have shaped my character for the better,

then perhaps I can pass the next test that is sure to come along.

What have I learned about life’s adversities? I’ve learned that:

God has deposited into

every injury, every terrible moment, and dark valley of my life

the exact measure that I need of His Grace,

His divine power, to help me to make it through

what I would not have been able to make it through on my own.

Every ‘ow-ie’ provides an opportunity

to testify that with God I can make it successfully through this journey.

When I see the scars of others, I see individuals who have also gone through pain and are still alive to tell the story. When I meet those who have gone through separation, divorce, or the death of a loved one, I know that there is a good chance that they may have emotional, mental, or spiritual wounds. I pray for them, and God places a love in my heart for them. As I look into the faces of people I meet, He reminds me of my own children and causes me to see each individual as someone’s child, someone’s son or someone’s daughter, who is a ripe candidate for God’s awesome comforting, healing, and restorative power.

God is also teaching me that I don’t always have to be ‘strong’. He shows Himself strongest in my weakest moments. It’s okay  for me to want someone to hold me and tell me that they are sorry that something difficult, traumatic, terrible, or painful has happened to me. I don’t have to walk through life with a stiff upper lip. It’s okay to want someone to show me that they actually care. It helps the healing process to take place when I reach out, and I am willing to receive the love that God sends my way through others.

Sure, it is our Heavenly Father’s desire that I grow up and mature to the point that I am no longer focused on my pain, my needs, and my wants. He wants me trust Him, not worry, and place my cares in His lap.  More than that, He wants me to reach out to care for someone else who is also hurting.

Most of all, I believe that He wants me to look past my scars to see His face. For in His presence is the fullness of joy. Whenever I am in His presence, the pain of life’s changes melts away. The great truth is this. I can be in His presence at any moment, just by recognizing that He is here. You know He promised to never leave or forsake me…

or you.

What have I learned about ow-ies?


Scars are often permanent, but so is God’s love.

That’s right. His love is permanent.

I belong to Him. You belong to Him. And that’s permanent.

Every morning, never forget that you and I have made it one more day; scars and all. I’m going to enjoy the gifts of time and life that He’s given to me this day. How about you?

Let’s give Him all our praise and glory by sharing with others  what He has done for us and in us. With God’s leading, we can talk about the wisdom we have gained from experiencing the tough times of our lives, and God’s grace that brought us through it all.

If you would like to read what the Word says, please turn to:

2 Corinthians 1:3-4        John 14:1                            John 8:32, 26

Psalm 55:22                    2 Thessalonians 2:16-17    Zephaniah 3:17

Psalm 147:3                    Isaiah 41:10                        Psalm 121:1-2

Isaiah 43:4                      Psalm 100:3                        Matthew 11:28

2 Timothy 1:7                Nahum 1:7

Dont’ let the ‘ow-ies’ of life defeat you.

Never give up! 

 May His goodness and mercy follow you every day of your life. Enjoy the journey!



Today’s questions –

1. What adversities have you experienced that looking back, you can see God’s goodness and mercy?

2. How can you turn your ‘ow-ies’ into testimonies?

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