T – A Little Terror Goes a L-O-N-G Way! (Damaging Behavior and God’s Love – Part 4)

What comes in all kinds of packages? That’s right! Fear. And a little goes a long way! The last letter “t” of d.i.r.t. stands for the terrors of life that prevent us from being our best. Let me share with you a little of the truths that God is teaching me on this subject.

 TTerror – Being extremely afraid of life – “I can’t help it!” Yes you can. Fear of letting others see what you are really like, fear of being rejected, fear of trying, fear of failing, fear of expectations, fear of trusting, etc, can lead to terror being the driving force in your life.

I lived most of my life extremely afraid. I was very afraid of disappointing my family, disappointing church members, students, co-workers, disappointing friends, and disappointing God. Fear robbed me of my peace and my joy.

I was afraid of being rejected by those I loved most. I was afraid to be myself. I was afraid of failing, so I was a perfectionist. I had been hurt badly in relationships, so I was afraid of trusting anyone. Then God came along and picked me up like a father picking up a small child and placing the child on his lap. God dusted a layer of ‘fear’ dirt off, all the while loving me passionately. It was His love for me that gave me the security I needed to trust someone… Him.

Now, I don’t worry nearly as much about disappointing others. When I get stressed, I ask God for His favor. I ask Him to touch the hearts of those that I may let down, that they will forgive me, have patience with me, give me another chance, etc.

Yet, there have been times when I have been rejected by those I love most. It was God’s love for me that made the rejection much easier to take. I was able to go through my days and smile and enjoy the day, even though sometimes with a broken heart. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s nevertheless the truth.


In fact, God tells us in His word to think on whatever is love, kind, just, of good report, excellent; think about these things.

Here are some truths that I say when fear attacks my mind:

o I am not alone.

o With God’s help, I can do everything that I am supposed to do.

o I am wonderfully made inside and out.

o I have not been given the spirit of fear, but of power and of a sound mind.

o I can gain control over my imagination. I will not imagine the worst thing always happening. Imagining the worst promotes fear.

o I do have power over many areas of my life. Mistakes are a part of living. Learn from them, make the necessary changes and move on.

While I know that d.i.r.t. keeps my potential hidden from view, and retards my spiritual development, I sometimes still have trouble placing my fears in God’s hands for him to remove. But the good thing is this. He is more than able to remove all weaknesses, wash away all sin, and all of my wrong thinking. How?

The Word of God teaches how to shake damaging, irresponsible behavior, fears, and negative thinking out of our lives by choosing to change what we believe with God’s Word. Remember, sooner or later, what we actually think or believe will be demonstrated in our actions. These actions will affect the quality of our relationships with others and how they respect and value us. (Remember, our actions affect our reputations, and after continuing to consistently make wrong choices, it will affect our character… the standards or morals we stand on as a foundation for making daily decisions.)

Like me, you may fight daily to remain positive, trusting, and transformed. You may be determined to shake all of the dirt out of your life, and the going make be rough right now. Nevertheless, you are more than a conqueror. Don’t give up! You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.


Until next time, enjoy the journey!




Question for today – What are some Biblical truths that you are speaking over your life?


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