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Have You Ever Been Tagless?

When you feel invisible and hopeless, Christ is always there. He sees you. He is there to help. Relax. He loves you unconditionally. His love will give you the hope you need to succeed. Continue reading

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Love Overflow – Part 7 Conclusion

                                        We can reach out to one person at a time. Sow the seeds of the Spirit. God doesn’t want to fill your life with a little love, a little peace, a little joy, or tiny bit of self-control. Rather, … Continue reading

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Love Overflow Part 1 – Continued

Come exercise with me. Place your hands together in front of your chest, palms inward. Now slowly move them forward, open, and away from your body. Now say, “OVERFLOW.” Let’s do it again. Great job! Thanks for helping me. That … Continue reading

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My GPS! (The Journey – Part 1)

Welcome Back! I look forward to spending this time with you! I’m learning how to walk this walk of faith day by day; step by step. It’s my prayer that you can use something that God is teaching me to … Continue reading

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The Little Word ‘hope’ (Hope)

Have you ever been so frustrated that you were tempted to give up? My software was malfunctioning last night and this morning I thought that I might have to start the website all over again. Then I found a blog … Continue reading

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‘Ow-ie’ Testimonials (Learning from Life’s Adversities – Final Part)

I’ve observed that some people wear their scars like badges of honor. Others do their best to cover theirs up. Still, there are some physical scars that can’t be hidden, which force us to deal with them, and move on … Continue reading

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